Best Group Accessories Limited is lead at the helm by Mr. Felix Lam, the illustrious Director of the company. Specializing in small module precision plastic gears and gear boxes that are suitable for toys, audio visual and computer products and electrical appliances, Mr. Lam has brought the company a long way to its current success as a value-added exporter of electrodes, molds and prototypes to countries as far as the USA, Germany, Switzerland and many others.

From his humble beginnings as a trainee in a plastic factory, Mr. Lam discovered that most of the tooling services and products in Hong Kong's plastic companies were not as advanced as offered by similar facilities in foreign countries. It was also then that Mr. Lam believed that the tooling industry in Hong Kong must be improved. However, it is also Mr. Lam's belief that the mechanisms products produced by EDMs in Hong Kong were similar and as good as those produced by other countries.

Without any experience and formal training in machinery engineering, Mr. Lam's vision and expertise came to fruit when he spent a mere HKD$3,000 to develop his first EDM that was specialized to provide high density and a high degree of hardness for molds. During then, the extremely low cost was unheard of as only very few manufacturers in countries out of Hong Kong could produce EDM, and these machines would cost easily HKD$100,000 to HKD$300,000 each.

Although Mr. Lam spent only several thousand dollars on his first EDM, he spent nealy 10 years to develop the EDM's technology. Starting with the technology how to apply the wireless and binary system on EDM, Mr. Lam believed that if he could understand the concept of how to control the EDM. With the success of his low cost and high quality EDM, Mr. Lam's efforts have proved to many brilliant innovations in today's evolving plastics industry.

For the past five years, Mr. Lam has produced two types of EDMs that are suitable for the Hong Kong market. Modestly so, Mr. Lam still believes that these machines can be perfected further with more constructive advice from specialists and by further understanding of the workings of EDMs on his own part.

With Mr. Felix Lam heading Best Group Accessories Limited, the company is certainly poised to offer the best in terms of products and services and the most competitive in terms of pricing.